Healthy Kitchen Revamp

If you’re too busy to eat well – you’re in the right place! No matter your reason to eat well - feel healthy, lose weight, stop eating crap that you feel guilty about, avoid additives, make better choices or find more time to make food from scratch, I can teach anyone how to meal plan - especially if you HATE IT. 

As a Qualified Home Economist since 1997 I have been mentoring and educating individuals, families, corporations and National Sporting Teams to make getting organised for healthy eating easier - especially when you're too busy.  

I've devised our unique (and trademarked) Meal Planning Personality®​ Profiling  tool that let's you plan inline with how YOU think, not how you think you should!  No matter what special diet you're on, I'll work with you (in person or via Skype) to create sustainble habits to make eating well easier.   ​Getting organised for eating well is the key to everything - it's the foundation for thinking well, working well and living well.  

In person Kickstart - Kitchen Organising and Pantry Declutter

During the Kitchen Organising and Pantry Declutter be prepared to Revamp Your Kitchen - find bench space, have easy to use cupboards/ draws and a pantry that works!  

Once we have the space working, we'll set up another time to simplify dinner time in four easy steps by getting your Meal Planning Personality™ Meal Planning Systems set up. 
Our in person Kitchen Kickstart is a 5 part package:
  • Part 1: You complete an organising questionnaire and send through photos of your kitchen and pantry.  We analyse your questionnaire and photos, research products.
  • Part 2: We connect via Skype/ Zoom and chat about our recommendations and gather your feedback and preferences on products.  We'll purchase the products and bring them to the session with us.   We also return whatever products aren't used.  We'll also give you some EASY homework to start the process!
  • Part 3: During our full day one-on-one session we help you get started.  You may need two sessions (depending on the size of your kitchen and pantry) but if you only have one day, you will get the kickstart you need - you'll see changes AND you'll be energised to continue!  Imagine how great that will feel!!!!
  • Part 4: We return organising products that aren't used.
  • Part 5: We have 2 x coaching sessions after the session to see how you are going and talk about the next stage
​5 part package from AUD $795 (plus GST)  (* please allow extra for organising products used) ​

Too Busy to Eat Well  Meal Planning Session

Discover how to simplify dinner time and approach meal planning YOUR WAY.  No matter WHAT eating protocol you’re following, I will help you get organised with the systems you need to make eating YOUR WAY easier.  I work with many individuals and families with food issues.  If you're struggling to implement the advice from a health professional I can help you cut your stress levels by implementing a SYSTEM for meal planning and shopping for special diets that can be replicated as you discover new food issues!* 

I work with clients in person (Brisbane, Australia) or worldwide via Skype.  Both in person and virtual services include a pre-session questionnaire, half-day session (in-home or via skype), email support,  Meal Planning Personality Guide, resources, and follow-up skype call. 

Package costs AUD $395 (plus GST). 

Additive Declutter

Remove the food additives from your kitchen that could be causing issues for your family.  As the East Coast's will help you find alternatives to put into YOUR pantry.

Includes offsite product reviews, in-home consultation, Personalised Additive Declutter Guide with recommendations of items to try, Additive Alert book, resources, and two follow up calls. 

Organising Tips: How to Organise Your Kitchen and Meal Plan 

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​*Just so you know – I teach you to create a system because it's important to be able to adjust your food requirements easily.  In case your wondering, personally I DON’T subscribe to ONE food approach because I take the BEST BITS of what’s out there (e.g. vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and grain-free).  I am definitely not fat-free – quite the opposite – I love fat! I am however, mindful of choosing nutrient dense carbs (like vegetables over plain old carbs/ bread) and minimising added sugar options.  We have a few food allergies, sensitives and intolerances in our house so I cook egg free, gluten free and grain free dishes amongst our very unique combination of food sensitivities!